Supporting our animals with Natures plants

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As we know an animals natural environment is rich in diversity, nutrients, vitamins and food. 
In the wild they are self selecting, moving along hedgerows and pastures to satisfy their bodies needs and to maintain a natural healing state of balance. It is rare to be able to offer our domesticated animals this freedom and choice but we can support and continue to support them with a wide range of herbs, oils and supplements. 

Life with our herd, dogs, cats and hens.

Our herd has been suffering with a mix of rain scold and rubbing. We cannot see any mites but it is thought it might be. So i have been doing my best to support them from the inside out, as well as topically. 

I have found Coconut oil and Green Clay to be really helpful topically. They have been self selecting Yarrow oil, German Chamomile, carrot seed, English Chamomile, Lavender and tea tree oils. Herb wise, they have been embracing Clivers, Hawthorn leaf and berries, Nettle, chamomile and Dandelion leaf. I am adding Rosehip shells to the offering imminently, in hope to give them a boost for the final months of winter. So far, so good. It seem that things are not getting any worse, though they are not perfect. Most importantly, they do seem in good spirits! So i feel confident they are receiving much of what they need. This year, i decided not to give feed along with the hay and to focus on giving only herbs  alongside the hay. I am really pleased as they have maintained a good weight throughout and appeared to weather the storms, cold and snow very well. And financially it has saved me a few pounds! 

Our dogs continue to enjoy the benefits of Spirulina, rich in nutrients, minerals and protein and the Brewers yeast, rich in Amino Acids encouraging a healthy gut flora and healthy digestion. Rich in Vitamin B's it also supports the nervous system, liver and skin. 

Our rescued hens are looking fabulous with their new vibrant feathers. They too have been benefitting from the herbs. Especially enjoying Chamomile, nettle and dandelion leaf. Hoping that it is enriching their eggs with goodness too! They are laying incredibly generously for the family, for which I am very grateful with school being at home and all that! 

Life in the herb room

We were making up more of the horse mixes this week and i was reminded of the wonderful Spearmint smell in Pumpkin's mix. It is so invigorating and uplifting! Just what I needed this week! The mix is a great support to all the systems, encouraging all round health. It can also be enjoyed in a cup of tea! 

The mix is Hawthorn flowers, Goto Kola, Chamomile, Rosehips, Spearmint. 

It is rich in vitamin C, Antioxidants, may relieve itching, improve circulation and digestion and may help with hormone issues. The mixes can be a great way of offering a diverse range of herbs to our animals. 


Wishing you and all your animals and families well. 

Nicks and the NA team (including the animals)  

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