Nimrod's Arrival and Mix


Nimrod arrived shortly after George. He had just been picked up from the New forest sales by a friend and she needed somewhere for him to stay for a few days. We had plenty of grass at that point (too much it turned out) so I said 'of course.' Night two and Nimrod went down with terrible colic. I remember it so clearly as it was a full moon and I sat out with him, George, Connie and Lightening for most of the night. George pushed me to the fence when I first found him rolling around as if to say...'get vet!' So I did. Options. Pain killer and hope for the best and see in the morning or operation in Bristol. I called his 'owner' and the answer was pain killer and hope for the best. The vet was super kind and dosed Nimrod up and I said we would speak first thing unless any more problems during the night. 

I sat out there with Nimrod and George close by at all times. Stroking his tummy when he allowed. As he rolled more, he started to release wind and this continued. I felt a hunch that everything was going to be ok. Around 1am I went to bed. Returned at 5 am to find him up and right as rain. 

Well, I was of course delighted. Nimrod was no longer wanted by his owner and remained here with us where he has explored backing, games on the ground and then embraced his position as Nanny Nimrod to the all the smaller ponies! He excels at this! 

He has taught us boundaries, fun and loyalty.

Nimrod's Mix 

Milk Thistle Seeds

Rosehip Shells

Dandelion Root

Calendula Flowers

Dandelion Leaf

Rich in anti-oxidants supporting skin, aiding the liver and kidneys to function efficiently and full of vitamins. A gentle diuretic and detoxifying. 

All of these herbs are some of Nimrods favourite and actually of the herd as a whole. 

We hope you and your animals are well. 

Love all from NA 


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