Faye is an holistic animal therapist (
Got a question?  Not sure what product to choose?  Not sure what to consider to do next for your animal?  We can help!  Book a FREE 15 minute phone slot with our consultant animal therapist!
We can help you to support your animal - whether they have physical, emotional, behavioural and/or structural issues - if 15 mins isn't enough to answer your question/s then you can book a private consult with our therapist directly who can take a holistic approach to your animals care - either by phone/zoom or home consults - and with specialist therapies available for you to choose.
Faye can help with advice such as:
- Natural products to support health, emotional and behavioural issues
- Using self selection, essential oils with your animals
- Recommendation of the best therapies/strategies/professionals/options for your animals.
- Taking a holistic approach to assessing, approaching and supporting your animals' issue/s.
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