Lightening's story


I thought over the next few months I would introduce our herd one at a time, seeing that they are the reason that we came into owning Naturally Animals! I was introduced to NA by James French over 10 years ago when I was attending one of his Animal Communication courses. I remember Rosehip Shells being a huge hit with one of the horses he was working with and being totally blown away that a horse new exactly how much he needed and what to select. I was intrigued and I was hooked to learn more. 

The moment we got Lightening and Connie, the herbs started to arrive and the journey began. The herd have taught me a huge amount over the past 10 years about herbs, natural healing, boundaries, patience and embracing the foreign concept for many of us - Embracing BEING. 

In their presence I have witnessed my demons and I have let them go. In their presence I have learnt how Awareness is the greatest gift to life. The more aware we are the more present we are and the more present we are , the more choice we have. How do we want to think, feel, be? What story do we want to create for our life's journey? We are also much kinder! 

So, here, I Introduce Lightening. He was the first to arrive at Pomeroy Farm. We had looked at a number  of ponies for my daughter but Lightening was the one. He barely moved actually. It was light relief after the other ones we had tried. He seemed just perfect. We said a big yes please and took him home. Has to be said I was totally in the dark about buying ponies and naively believed that his solid, enormous crest was because he was 'gelded late.' I don't want to assume that it was a lie but there was some conversation missing. Such as "he has suffered and continues to suffer with Laminitiis!" But then if I had not been so naive, I would not have taken the journey I did! 

Connie joined us pretty quickly as Lightening needed a friend. And together we started a journey which took a very different path to what we and other horsey friends expected! 

Lightening is not called Lightening for nothing. He either stood completely still and refused to move or moved like Lightening. However with patience and commitment he started to do what my daughter asked. He would not do for others but he would for her. They had an understanding and a bond. 

And he began to teach us a new way of being with horses/ponies. Such us less time in the saddle and more time hanging out with him. We started him on a number of herbs, Dandelion root, chamomile, milk thistle seeds and burdock root being his ultimate favourites. His crest was solid for about 5 years and then over the last five years it has diminished almost completely. Amazing really as it was HUGE. He suffered from laminitis about three times a year and has been diagnosed with cushings. We tried him on some medication but he went into a flat decline, on top of a terrible laminitis episode and we nearly lost him as he wouldn't move, only lie down and totally disengaged from us. I stopped the medication as I remembered the vet saying sometimes it can give them depression... depressed he was. The moment we stopped he was up again. Thankfully in time as the vet was booked in to put him down! The laminitis episode continued for another week or so and then he was back! Between the vet, farrier and a number of complimentary therapies he pulled though. 

From this point on I was adamant that I had to heal him as a whole. So my friend Pete started working on him energetically with regular Reiki. I would sit with him for hours sharing healing tools that I had picked up on the way, along with red-light therapy and of course the herbs. Today, he stands stronger than he ever has since we have had him and I feel totally honoured to have shared the journey with him. Yes, it has taken time, but deep healing always does. He has taught me so much. Especially that, that healing takes time. He is one of those characters that shares very occasionally but when he does it is true wisdom and enriched with teaching. Sometimes I find it hard to listen and find all excuses in the book not to but when I do I learn and I grow and in turn those around me do too. I suppose in short he has reminded me that we are human 'beings' not human 'doings' and when we allow ourselves to 'be' more we experience, witness and grow so much more. 

We made a mix to share Lightenings' wisdom and all the herbs in the mix are an all round support enriching all the body's systems with nutrients. 


Red clover


rosehip shells 


With love from Lightening and all of us from NA. 

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