Spring herbs - Nettle, Dandelion.....


As we near the end of Winter and start to think about the coming of Spring, removing the horses rugs and/or brushing off the winter coats, it is great time to consider a variety of herbs to support our horses wellbeing as they transition from one season to the next. 

We choose the following herbs to support our herd at this time and judging by their enthusiasm for them, I believe we may have chosen well! :) 

Dandelion Leaf and root 



Milk thistle Seeds

Barley Grass



Offering a choice of dried herbs carries them through to the warmer months when they can then self select from hedgerow and forage out the dandelions, nettles etc in their fields. All the herbs help to support and balance our horses systems, strengthening their overall wellbeing. 

If new to herbs, our mixes are  a great alternative or addition to your horses daily treat. Not only will they appreciate a healthy handful each day, it will help them maintain health and vitality or encourage them back to health and vitality! 

 You can test out which is their favourite by choosing three sample packs. At present our favourite seems to be Naturally Hedgerow. We are enjoying it as a tea too in the home! 

We continue to offer our dogs a selection of small bowls so that they can self select as they choose. Rosehip shells, Spirulina, barley grass and Brewers Yeast and we tend to add a small amount of Naturally Super supplement for overall health. 

Like we take supplements to help maintain good health, by offering herbs and tonics to our animals, we are able to take the journey of wellbeing together! 

 A sharing... 

Tomorrow is 22/2/22.... I don't know very much about numerology but it sounds like there might be a a lot of meditating going on around the world at 2.22pm, holding space for peace.... if you can, maybe hold a two minute meditation wherever you are.... :) 

Have a happy, loving, '2' day with all your furry friends. 


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