Introducing George and new additions to our herb offering



George came to us after Lightening and the beautiful late Connie. I came across George whilst my daughter was riding at a friends house. It was love at first site. Both as green as each other in bringing on a young pony we have learnt all sorts along the journey and he continues to teach me many wise lessons on a daily basis! He was incredibly nervous on arrival and would not let anyone come near his head. It took much patience and many hours in the field (once he had gained my trust) of dancing around him, swaying my arms about so that he would learn that they were no longer a threat but there to hug him, brush him and love him. Two years in he felt confident and strong and the tables turned. He started charging at me! But it was my turn to be taught a lesson. He had learnt to trust and now he wanted me to learn something so I could be strong with him. In short... my lesson was boundaries. Not just with him but in my daily life too. He highlighted that my depletion and exhaustion at the time was thanks to flimsy boundaries. I am sure I am not alone on this one! It took a bit of time for me to work this out.... but once I woke up to it with a bit of outside help, I started to listen.

So over time and practicing much patience and being very present,  we found a 'safe' and respectful place where we both trusted each other and from this space we have taught one another many lessons and enjoyed many herbs and teas together!  George's Naturally Mix is a combination of his favourites, Barley grass, rosehips and chamomile. 

We wanted to let you know that we have added Meadowsweet, Lemon balm, oregano and Bilberry to our herb list and we hope that these will support you and your animals along with the others. 

As always, thank you so much for your support and your feedback. We are incredibly grateful.

Nicks and the NA team. x  

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