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This past winter I decided to remove the feed I had been giving to the herd each winter - simple systems- not because I don't think it is excellent feed but because I wanted to see how 'natural' I could go with them. Of course, with the view that if they were not thriving then I would reintroduce the food.  So with some of the money I would normally spend on feed, I brought a wider variety of herbs than I usually do. Aside from some rubbing (which was better this winter than last) they did brilliantly, held their winter coats well, less mud fever and generally remained healthy in themselves. They held better weight too. Now, none of the herd are ridden so I am not sure if it would be the same for a horse that is in work. But what I can say for sure, is that having access to a wide range of herbs was very supportive for them this past winter. Nimrod remained to suffer from his hay allergy come February and this is something we are working on embracing various therapies. But I feel confident that with patience and time and supporting as much as possible with nature, he will let go of this in the future. 

I made a mix to support him which he guzzled up ... image attached. 

It includes

Thyme, Oregano, lemon balm, nettle, clivers. All these herbs support respiratory issues, viral issues, and are wonderful in supporting the lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems. They also help those with allergies or viral exhaustion. 

Note to you - all these benefits apply to humans too. It makes a wonderful tea. :) 

I appreciate that we all keep our animals differently and in the best way we can but I wanted to share this with you as it may resonate and I feel very excited about what we can achieve as animal lovers in helping them back to their natural state of healing. And I am also excited by the fact we can support ourselves too. It feels like a wonderful way to deepen the bond between all beings. 

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