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As we reach the end of the year, a year rich in uncertainty and change, many of us feel tired and wiped out. 2020 has definitely encouraged us to stop and reflect on what is really important to us and hopefully we will take all of that into 2021. The importance of family, community, the environment, gratitude, connection, Nature and health. These are just some things.


And in relation to our animals, it has highlighted their importance to us also. Their continued support and love as we humans rattle around confused and slightly dumbfounded. And it is here that we, at Naturally Animals, love to support. Since taking over Naturally Animals we have learnt a huge amount and thank you for your continued patience as we find our footing with packaging, deliveries etc…


It is wonderful to be able to share a wide variety of herbs with you and your animals to give them access to the natural environment that they would be foraging for if we were all able to keep them out all year round. I feel incredibly grateful that I have managed to set it up at home that our herd can meander about throughout the year but we too have to manage the land we have so they are also not getting full access to self- selecting all year. But what I have witnessed in the changing seasons over the years is amazing and confirms the brilliance of being able to support our animals with herbs and supplements. And it very often challenges what we are told by science. Such as witnessing 4 out 10 of the herd foraging for acorns. They were SO specific about which ones they left and which ones they ate, I had to let go of what I had been told – TOXIC- and trust that they knew exactly what they were doing. They have done for many years now. I am not suggesting that we supply our horses with acorns because I think it takes time for the horse to readapt to its innate wisdom when it has lived dependent on us for food. What I am saying is, we can support our horses by offering them a wide range of ‘safe’ herbs to self - select from. And allow and encourage them to reconnect to their natural knowledge.


I have been using a lot of clevers, burdock root, nettle and chamomile flowers with our herd this Autumn. Calendula seems to be one they dip in and out of and Hawthorn berries have not been such a hit… I find it fascinating that they go for the different herbs at different times of the year. Just like watching them forage for the leaves that have fallen. Some seem to be good for them, others they leave to rot back and nourish Mother Earth.


Our featured Product for January;

Naturally Super Supplement - An amazing mix of dried natural herbs and powder mixed by hand by us to create a brilliant healthy top up for your animals. Easy to store and give on top of food. 

Available in 100g - 5kg 

Use for: Horses or Dogs 

Ingredients; Organic Spirulina, Nettle Leaf Powder, Rosehip Powder, Milk Thistle Seed Powder, Brewers Yeast. 

How to use; Offer small amount by hand or sprinkle on to food once a day, everyday. 

How much to use; Horses 2 tea spoons per day / Dogs; 1 teaspoon per 20kg of weight. 

 See more or order here



We wish you a very, very happy Christmas and a wonderful 2021.

With love the NA team x

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