In stillness we allow for peace & connection

Posted by Jack Lander on

This past week I have been making an effort to spend 'time' with our herd. I find sometimes in the winter, I go out and do what needs to be done, poo picking, feeding, brushing over but I don't actually just sit with them like I do in the spring/summer months. And I miss that. A lot. So, despite the rain and cold, I am trying to embrace the winter weather and take time to just 'be' in their presence. And wow do they respond. On Sunday, in the midst of clearing up the yard, I just stopped and watched. They galloped up and down (not great for the future growth of grass - but having fun so hey ho), Micky and Nimrod did their playful display of rearing up... chasing each other around the school and bucking. Ash, George and Cocoa raised their tails and galloped up and down the wood path. It was just beautiful to watch. It was like, 'hey, she has landed, she is with us... lets show her we have noticed!' Full of gratitude for their connection and their display of fun, I spent the rest of the day in a good mood and full of appreciation. 

Our animals are the greatest teachers, reminding us always to stay present and face what is and not dabble in the what if's. Those what 'if's' bring drama, fear and anxiety. Yet, when we embrace 'this' moment we feel calm and we can deal with things from a much better space. 

On a herb and essential oil note... I made up a mix for their necks as I am concerned they have picked up some sort of mite. Coconut oil, Yarrow oil, German chamomile, tea tree and garlic. I went out and popped some on Liam's patch, Pumpkin's patch. I approached Nimrod (who suffers from an allergy to hay at this time of year) and he sniffed it and then licked it and continued to ask for more and more and more! Didn't quite make it to his patch as he had consumed it all! Once again, allowing them to guide us and to witness what they need and do not need is amazing. I find it reminds us that sometimes we just have to create space to learn from Nature and all her surroundings so that we can reconnect to what we know deep within too. Sometimes we spend so much time trying to find the answers and 'proof' that we miss the lessons that are waiting to be learned, just in front of us. 


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