Rosehips (whole)

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Rosehips are one of the very best sources of natural Iron, biotin and Vitamin C. They provide strong support for immune systems. Rosehips are one of our most popular products as they are nutritionally important for healthy hooves, bones, skin and coats.

Beneficial for those that suffer from Anaemia. They will consume a lot of them on a daily basis if suffering from Anaemia. Support cellular degeneration. 

Horses often go for them before the winter months because of their Vitamin C content.  


 Rosehip shells 

How to use 

Offer by hand or self-selection. 

Cats may simply sniff and rather roll in them

Dogs will prefer the mix powdered together and offered with food or with an oil - coconut, olive or sunflower oil. Horses will enjoy the mix in a bucket, by hand or in feed.