Milk Thistle Seed Powder

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The thistle heads are  collected with protective gloves! One knows when the seeds are ripe because the plant has  finished flowering, showing white parachutes.

It is famous for protecting and regenerating liver cells. It lowers fat deposits in the liver and may be able to protect the liver from side effects of drugs and poisons. 

It is a great herb for the Spring and it needs to be given for 4-6 weeks as it takes time to take effect. 

It also contains a linoleic acid that may regulate female hormone balance. This is also found in Evening Primrose oil. 



Milk Thistle seeds in powder form.


How to use

Offer by hand or bucket for self-selection or add to feed. It has been suggested that 10-20 grams with feed. But please seek professional guidance. 



Milk Thistle supports a healthy liver, glandular and metabolic system