"Cocoa's" Naturally MIX - Colic & Digestion SUPPORT

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We created this mix to support those that suffer from colic in hope that we might be able to help prevent future episodes by supporting the intestinal system back into balance. It is quite similar to the Gastro Health mix but without the seaweed and with the addition of Meadowsweet and Hawthorn leaf and flower. 

This gives an option in case your animal does not like one or the other! :) Hopefully they will enjoy both! 

I shared it with our herd and it was particularly popular with Micky but they all had a go, so I feel it passed the test! :) 

I hope it will support your animals. 



Marshmallow root powder 


Chamomile flowers


Hawthorn leaf and flowers 


How to use 

Offer by hand or bucket for your animal to self select. Or add to feed. A generous handful is just perfect. 

We like to offer in a separate bucket so they can choose.