Garlic Essential Oil 10ml

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Garlic Essential Oil 5ml


Garlic is amazing in supporting the body. 

It is antibacterial, anti viral and antibiotic.  And it offers much more. It is really helpful for any respiratory disorder, clearing mucus from the lungs and any infection present. It is rich in sulphur and cleanses the blood. It will deter biting flies when excreted through the pores of the skin. 

It is vital to a healthy gut flora and will kill any pathogens as well as contributing to a healthy digestive system. 

Amazing at protecting both humans and animals from infection. 

It can help with coughs, worms, viral infections... and if you use the juice from a cut bulb you can place the juice on cuts, grazes, stings, ringworm, lice and ticks! 





How to use

Offer by hand for self selection/inhalation. Mix in base oil for smaller animals or application and also for horses. 

Make sure fresh water available too. 

Please seek advice if not sure 

Do not use during pregnancy.