Meadow Sweet

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 It is very beneficial for those suffering with ulcers and for the digestive system. It protects the digestive tract and it helps reduce an over acidic environment. 

It has been used for Rheumatic pain and fevers also. It has been described as the 'herbal aspirin, but without any side effects.' Salicylic acid, which is also found in the willow bark, is found in the flower buds of meadowsweet. 

it is these that have an anti inflammatory effect and help support sore and swollen joints. The salicylic acid with the tannins and mucilage, left complete in the plant, helps heal ulcers and gastric bleeding. We know that when salicylic acid is stripped from the other components it can do the opposite and cause gastric bleeding or ulcers. 

Once more we are reminded of the beauty and gift of Nature especially when we look at her as a whole! 

How to use

Offer by hand or bucket for self-selection or add to daily feed.

Make as a brew or add to feed. 


Queen of the Meadow - Meadowsweet