Organic Barley Grass Powder

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Packed with nutrients to help support the immune system

Detoxes the body on a deep cellular level

Removes heavy metals and toxins.

Barley Grass is rich in nutrients and supports both ourselves and our animals on a deep cellular level. The rich content of Magnesium supports the nervous system, relieving horses of anxiety. It is very supportive in the winter months when pastures are low in nutrients. Cats sometimes like to lick barley grass so one can leave it out in a small bowl for them to self-select.

Dogs may self select it but often have a preference for Spirulina.

Can be hugely beneficial for those with cushings and laminitis.  It also has a low sugar content. 

It supports animals in self healing. 

We also offer with Rosehips (George's mix) to help with the cost as Barley Grass is very expensive. However it is usually offered separately to the Rosehips. But ok to do either! 

Can benefit animals suffering from Anaemia.