Organic Green Clay

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Excellent product for your Natural First Aid Kit


Green Clay is wonderful for clearing fungal, parasitic issues. It is great for clearing out ingested toxins and yeast infections. 

It is also wonderful for using on wounds and open wounds. It prevents infection and cleans up the wound. If a wound is weeping, apply the clay direct (powder) 
The clay will absorb toxins on the way through the body, making it a great choice for parasites and toxic overload. 

It contains many minerals as well - magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica, manganese, phosphorus, copper, Aluminium and Zinc. 

It is a wonderful support of the intestinal system. 

We humans can take too and use as a face mask! 


Organic Green Clay 

How to use 

You can make the clay into a paste by adding it to water. This is perfect for abscesses. You can add dry clay to open wounds and reapply when it is absorbed 

You can add some clay to large glass of water for yourself to drink. 1 tsp. 

For all your animals you can offer as way a powder or mix with water. offer both to see what they prefer. If you are helping the animal because they are suffering from stomach pain or nausea or colic or have ingested something toxic, "offer the clay in the ratio of 1/3 to 2/3rds water and also offer dry." Caroline Ingraham