Naturally Animals ESSENTIAL OILS Intro Kit

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Carrot seed 5ml


Peppermint 5ml


Yarrow 5ml


German Chamomile 5ml




These key essential oils are always worth having in your natural first aid kit, naturally treating a number of different conditions and promoting natural health. For use with both dogs and horses these oils each have specific benefits and can be used together sparingly to improve the general health and happiness of your animal.


How to use: 


Use our ‘how-to’ guide included in your kit with all the info on safely starting to use essential oils with your animals.

We offer our animals the choice. So allowing them to smell the oil and decide whether it is interested or not. It is a wonderful way of really listening to them. If they do want more they may lick their lips or nudge your hand. You can mix the oils in a base oil, such as coconut oil or sunflower oil or olive oil for your animal to choose from. You can also offer neat to your horses. But always allow them to smell them first. 




Carrot seed - Natural treatment for digestive issues, use on wounds and cuts and use on skin conditions.

Peppermint oil - Natural treatment for digestive problems, respiratory issues and a natural anti inflammatory


Yarrow - A great natural treatment for digestive problems, allergies, use on wounds and cuts and treatment for skin and coat conditions.


German chamomile - A natural antihistamine, helpful for skin, respiratory irritations, anxiety, insect bites and inflamed tissues.