Organic Liquorice Root Powder

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Liquorice supports the stomach, muscles, respiratory system, hormonal system, adrenals and brain function. 


Liquorice root powder

How to use 


Oral – rarely selected. Licked as a dry powder from the finger or a glass rod


Oral – offer dry or mixed with a splash of vegetable oil

Equines and Other Herbivores

Oral – offer dry and / or with water. The amount of water added will depend on the individual. Dry is more frequently selected. It does not need to be dampened like barley grass, as it won’t blow into the nostrils

Caution: If liquorice root is not needed it can cause the body to excrete more potassium and retain sodium, leading to water retention and elevated blood pressure, so as with all self-selection principles, do not put in an animal feed