Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm is a wonderful herb for your animals and also for you! it is very good for calming the nerves and can be used alongside chamomile and Valerian (if not competing) to help an anxious horse/dog/cat. It helps relieve gas and muscle tension, both signs of stress. 

lemon balm is antiviral and it also has antihistamine properties that make it a great choice for keeping insects at bay. It also supports the immune system and the skin and any related anxiety issues. 

It has been called the "Elixir of Life" by Anthony Williams, which makes it one of our top choices for ourselves and for our animals. 

How to use

You can enjoy a cup of tea yourself alongside your animals. You can make the herb into tea and pour over their food or offer as tea -obviously cooled down! 

You can also add to honey and make a paste for any viral or bacterial wounds or for your animal to consume. You can add the honey to the herbal tea for them to enjoy. 

Offer by hand or bucket for self selection or add to daily feed as suggested above. 


Lemon balm - dried