Chasteberry Powder (Vitex agnus-castus)

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Supports healthy hormonal, glandular and metabolic system.

It has been used since the fourth century to support women, increasing milk production, regulating menstrual cycles and balancing hormones during the menopause. 

It is ALSO very helpful for  HORSES with any hormonal issues. Hilary Page Self shares a number of stories whereby she has seen Mares recover from hormonal behaviour that were leaving the owners desperate. It seems that 15 grams per day is the suitable amount for the Mare and for a short time only. Such as 21 days to a month. 

Not suitable for pregnant Mares.

For more detailed and individual advise please speak to an animal therapist.


Agnus Castus  

How to use

It can be offered so that your animal self selects or you can add 15 grams to your horses feed. 


It may be very helpful in supporting issues with hormonal imbalances