Why feed a probiotic to your dog or cat?

Common digestive problems and the effect on health

One of the keys to good health in your dog or cat is a robust immune system.  And up to 80% of a mammal’s immune system function is located in the digestive tract whose job it is to allow absorption of nutrients, and act as a barrier to harmful bacteria and toxins.  Cats generally have smaller stomachs and shorter digestive tracts than dogs, but both animals process their food in the stomach, with nutrients and water later absorbed as the food moves along through the intestines.

The immune system is easily compromised when the digestive system is under strain.  Typically a dog eats something it shouldn’t, or a cat picks up parasites from their prey.  While such events are rarely life threatening, they often result in diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting or general loss of vitality which puts pressure on the immune system to restore the animal to its optimum condition.

Furthermore, stressful situations such as travelling, competing, vet visits, moving house and being put in a kennel or cattery places extra stress on the immune and therefore the digestive function.

While gut flora and mucosa act as barriers against gut pathogens, they also play a vital role in removing toxins, enhancing digestion, and out-competing disease-causing microorganisms. A healthy population of gut bacteria therefore is vital to a fit gastrointestinal tract and consequently a thriving animal.

By supplementing your animal’s food with a regular amount of Manna Feed, the number of good bacteria in the gut is significantly enhanced, making it much harder for pathogenic bacteria to colonise the small intestine. This support, using a totally natural product right at the core of the immune function, is central to the idea of using the best of nature to ward off the things that may be detrimental to the health and well-being of your animal.  Doing so without upset to the life balance that brings the vitality and wellbeing to your animal is something that we all prize.

What to look for during use:

Glossy, even coat & healthy skin

Solid, healthy stools & reduced odour

An even temperament

Less stomach bloating

Good weight distribution

Good oral health

Less sensitivity to allergens

Less sensitivity to metabolic imbalances

Less sensitivity to parasitic burdens

With balanced metabolic efficiency, you may find that your cat or dog will require less food than they have been used to and may also be less prone to parasitic burden.  Try reducing their portions in small increments until you’re happy that your animal is still satisfied.

For more information on probiotic products click here.

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