Customer Feedback / Testimonials

1. Horse with Skin Issues / Itchiness Before and After Detox / Self-Selection

I first started using Naturally Animals after reading an article on herb self selection and aromatherapy for horses. I had initially ordered the self selection starter pack which is a great product to get started. From there my horse told me what he wanted. 

I had no specific reason for using this method but clearly from my horse’s reaction he was telling me he needed a detox which we continued with. Subsequently we explored aromatherapy and Catherine put me in touch with a lady in Scotland who came to visit my horse and she worked on specific aromatherapy oils with him for emotional release.
In the Spring of 2018 I noticed that my horse was itchy and every time I brought him in he would scratch and scratch and scratch. I thought it might be due to the change in the weather or flies as he usually does like a scratch, don’t they all, but this was more incessant, obsessive and it got to a point where he had scratched a lot of hair from his face. I contacted Catherine and sent some photographs, followed up with a phone call to discuss the situation and all other symptoms. Catherine recommended a course to help his immune system and detox with a selection of herbs to offer him, the
Plusbac EquineWonder Healing Gel and the James Hart Solutions Horse tonics – Emmunity and Purify. 

We stayed on the course of treatment and after a month to six weeks, I am delighted to say the incessant scratching has ceased, his skin has improved and he’s back to his handsome self.
We have an in joke at the yard that we have a ‘snack bar’ for the horses. It’s a soil bund to shelter the walkway to the stables and it is covered in a variety of plants. As we walk round he decides if he wants a ‘snack’ and then browses for what he needs and moves on when he’s done. 

 Catherine and the team are very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do and I am grateful for the assistance we received. I would not hesitate to recommend them, no matter how small the request they are keen to support and help. 

Thank you
Anna and Euro (Scotland)  


2. Horses with Pain – Iridology Consult / Self-Selection / Red Light Therapy

I was first introduced to Naturally Animals almost 6 years ago when Catherine was giving a talk on iridology. I was very interested and booked a consultation. I was given great information about Nemo’s health and he was able to select

the herbs that he needed to balance his body.

Since then I have been using Naturally Animals regularly for purchase of herbs, essential oils and all the natural products that my animals need. My horses like to self-select herbs and the pictures attached are of Champ self-selecting barley grass (from Naturally Animals) and Nemo finding some young hawthorn.

I highly recommend Naturally Animals. The delivery service for online purchases is fantastic- almost always next day and the quality and range of the products is superb- I use a lot of the herbs myself as well as for my animals.

I like to use all natural products for my animals so whenever I have any problems with one of them, the first place I turn to is Naturally Animals.

Catherine and the team are extremely knowledgeable. It was Catherine who helped me to identify the source of Nemo’s pain when the vet and saddle fitter had failed to find anything. Naturally Animals also introduced me to red light therapy to help Nemo’s pain and I now use this on a daily basis to help with any aches, pains or illnesses that my two and four legged family have. We are all fighting fit.

Thank you Naturally Animals for being so amazing.



3. Stressed Horse on Box Rest calms down with Self-Selection

Although we have used Catherine’s herbs , oils and Manna Equine for 2 years now she came out to do a full consult on our horse who was struggling with box rest and we were struggling too. 

We had been through 4 months of stress at this point and the more his box rest went on the more we couldn’t even go in his stable to groom him as he was showing us, his owners, his anger and frustration. 

Catherine selected herbs and oils for him based on his own selection and he was so calm and well behaved throughout . It was lovely to just spend 2 hours being able to be around him! 

It has given us something positive to do when we come down to the yard too as we can spend time grooming him now and then doing the herbs and oils which he seems to love so helps to turn a very difficult situation into a more positive interaction. 

Most importantly Catherine helped me at the session ( mum , groom, financier and all round worrier, as this is my 16 year old daughter’s horse).  I really can’t thank her enough for the help, advice and ideas that will help support us through this tricky time . 

We WILL get him through this and I SO look forward to seeing them back riding together next year . Enough said ! 

 Thank you Catherine. Xx Debbie Foster


4. Horse with Osteitis / Pain – Iridology Consult / Self-Selection / Red Light Therapy

My 8 year old Appaloosa Ozzie has had physical issues since he was three when he was diagnosed with pedal osteitis. When he was six the seemingly ‘genetic bad card’ he had been handed had moved up to his SI joint causing a lot of pain. On my vets advice I waited until he was seven and a half before having him physically tested to see if his growth plates fusing would have made him safe to re-back. 

During this time he had really good nutrition to support him and was only walked out or shown in hand. Because I wasn’t sure whether he was out of pain or not and all of my horses had had glyphosate sprayed on them by a neighbouring farmer which made them very ill, I didn’t want to take any chances so I asked Catherine to come and do an iridology consult, self-selection (zoopharmacognosy), red light therapy and a structural assessmentwith him. She found a lot of markers in his eyes and recommended a vet check, which we did. 

The results of the iridology were very accurate, and it was great to see how he selected for what had been found with the iridology assessment. That resulted in me adding Manna probiotic and MSM to his natural organic diet. My vet recommended high dose Vitamin C and I supplemented all of the horses diet with self selected herbs and oils. So far, Yarrow and Peppermint oil are popular and Turmeric,Seaweed,Barley Grass,Hawthorn berryRosehips and Fenugreek, they are all selecting these on a regular basis. Just because we are into the winter now, I decided to add in Naturally AnimalsHedgerow mix, it has so many good things in that usually they can self-select from the hedgerows around their field. 

The vet came out to re-check Ozzie after 7 weeks of Vitamin C and several months of Manna, MSM and the self-selection, he is much better, heavier, shiny coat, his gums are not blue and yellow anymore, but a much healthier pale pink. 

I am hoping that this improvement will continue and I am very grateful that I have such a wonderful open minded vet, Catherine and Naturally Animals who found the problems in his eyes and provided Ozzie with top-grade herbs and supplements. He has also greatly benefited from Red Light Therapy and Mastersons.



5. Pony Rescue Center – Laminitis, Iridology, Self-Selection

Catherine came to visit the ponies at our rescue centre for the first time 2 years ago – we were already using herbs but Catherine has been able to greatly enhance our knowledge, skills and techniques.  

Catherine is amazing…so supportive and encouraging and happy to answer any questions you might have.  It’s her knowledge, approach and combination of techniques which is so special!  She has helped us with self- selection, iridology and red light therapy – a range of therapies to address and manage emotional issues, structural issues and physical challenges  – all of which are critical to address as part of the rehabilitation process. 

Iridology has been such a crucial tool to understanding our ponies’ needs and keeping them healthy.  Catherine’s assessment and recommendations for getting our management plans right for each pony means that now the laminitic ponies who used to be kept off the grass for long periods of time in the summer are back grazing on the same routine as our other non-laminitic ponies.  As long as we follow our management plan we have no laminitis…this is such a gift…and beyond what I ever thought we would achieve!  It has helped us to now concentrate on rehabbing more complex cases – we currently have a pony who would be labelled as “Cushings” – the vet tests and iridology show that his condition is not Cushings disease.  In fact his lymphatic system is the issue and we have been able to nutritionally support him through these issues into a significantly improved state of health that we can regularly reassess.  

We have been so impressed that I am undertaking the iridology practitioner coursemyself!  

Thank you Catherine!

Faye Stacey – People4Ponies Charity


6. WKD Show Jumping Team – Sycamore Stables

Joanne Sloan Allen
Here at Sycamore we use herbs from #naturallyanimals on a day to day basis with all our top Showjumpers – whether it’s for skin, immune support or when a horse is just needing some particular extra help… since using herbs from them Sumas zorro went on to win two 5* Grand Prix including the richest one in the world to take her to the number one spot in winning s this year- I firmly believe this was made partly possible due to our holistic approach to her care and feeding.


7. Phone consult

Dear Catherine,

Thank you for your time last week and all the advice and guidance. We saw an incredible turn around in Mo within a day of changing his food. He has been eating organic veg and meat for over a week now and is more like his bright, sparkly self again.

Whilst we realise that it will take a while for him to build up his strength, it is wonderful to see him bright eyed, wagging his tail and moving around more again. Really cannot thank you enough for helping us to save our puppy and restore his zest for life…we are very hopeful now.

We have also changed our own diet and switched to organic food as a family.


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