S’wagger brings relief from spondylosis in agility dog

My dog Millie was diagnosed with spondylosis ( arthritis of the spine) last year and has been presribed Rimadyl an anti inflammatory. Despite receiving daily doses she sometimes found it difficult jumping in the car.

Millie also enjoyed doing agility but the arthritis meant that she could no longer carry on. Sometimes she would react in an aggressive way towards my other dog when she was in pain. With the drug treatment she was receiving there was no flexibility. Since starting S’Wagger Millie can do all her normal activities and her mood has improved. If I find that she is stiff I find that if I increase the dose slightly she is ok again.

My other dog twisted his back recently and has had chiropractic treatment . However,he was stiff in the morning and had not quite recovered in that some things he was still reluctant to do.Since I have given him S’wagger he has resumed his normal activities.


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