Yarrow Essential Oil 5ml

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Yarrow is a wonderful herb to offer when they feel betrayed or wounded emotionally. 

It is very beneficial in aiding emotional release. It offers support with any inflammation issues or tissue damage. It is also antibacterial so offers support where infection might be present. 

it can be used for those suffering with Ulcers and it has been suggested to offer alongside German chamomile too. 

The blue colour of Yarrow offers a cooling effect. You can use with Green clay or on its own and you can apply yarrow first then the green clay if you are using both remedies. 


Yarrow Essential oil 

Achillea millefolium 

How to use 

Offer so that your animal can self select or 

Cats may inhale the oil. Dogs may inhale or take from your fingers or indeed it can be applied topically. 

For horses you can offer so they can choose, apply direct to wounds or to the areas where required. The blue will remain where not needed and be absorbed completely where needed. If absorbed, reapply until no longer needed! 

We have found Yarrow to be a very useful oil to have among our herd.