Red Clover

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Red clover is an antioxidant, and helps your horse assimilate iron while supplying vitamin C, protein and calcium.


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Red clover has oestrogenic actions and is very beneficial for horses that are weak or rundown and need to regain strength. It has a supportive response on the body’s immune system and eliminatory system.

Red Clover’s constituents stimulate the immune system. (It has been a traditional ingredient in many formulas for cancer). Red clover soothes coughs and respiratory system congestion because it also contains resin. Resinous substances in plants have expectorating, warming, and antimicrobial action.

Red clover also contains a blood-thinning substance.

How To Use

Offer by hand for self-selection or add to feed.

Watch this Video on how to offer herbs to a horse for Self-Selection:

Self-Selection should ideally be done every day to see lasting results, or as often as possible.


Red Clover


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