Plusbac Feed 5L (Previously Plusbac Equine & Plusbac Pets)

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Plusbac Feed is a natural, highly effective microbial, herbal feed supplement for horses. Plusbac Feed can be added to feed or water (we recommend adding once a day to feed). The supplement maintains healthy digestion by increasing beneficial microorganisms in the saliva and gut, as pathogenic bacteria are suppressed. It is possible the occupation of good bacteria optimises a healthy immune system and  helps maintain wellbeing, general health and condition.

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1L, 5L


Feeding Guide

Horses and Large Animals: 20mls per 100kg body weight per day

Small Animals / Dogs / Cats: 1ml per 2kg

Double the above for one month if you animal currently has a health issue, or at times of potential stress.

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Plusbac Feed is a fermented herbal feed supplement for horses, pets and cattle, produced with beneficial bacteria.

It provides the following benefits:

  • Ensures normal digestive function (More beneficial microorganisms in the gut)
  • Maintains healthy appetite and weight by balancing nutrient production and absorption
  • Optimises well being, general condition and temperament
  • Helps to reduce stress and therefore maintain the correct functioning of the gastrointestinal system
  • A totally natural way to help maintain an optimal immune system
  • Aids metabolism, improving nutrient production and absorption

We recommend the 500ml and 1L bottles for dogs / cats and small animals, and the 5L upwards size for horses and large farm animals


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