James Hart ‘Mellow Tonic’ 1L


Equine Herbals Mellow: Reduces stress, encourages cooperation

Mellow contains a pure tincture of St. Johns Wort (Hypericum perforatum).

Unique to equine supplements, Mellow contains human-grade liquid extract of the herb Hypericum (Hypericum perforatum) in an ethanol base at the highest (1:2) concentration available.


Add to feed

or use use a syringe for oral application (syringe not included)


Typically, Mellow should be introduced into a horse’s feed gradually from 5-20ml and fed for as long as necessary with a two week gradual withdrawal period advised. Horses: 5 - 20 ml twice daily Ponies: 3 - 10 ml twice daily
Mellow helps reduce stress of all types and is particularly useful for those horses that are disinterested, bored and even resentful during work. Mellow works well for horses that are continually on edge, inattentive and always looking for a way out instead of cooperating with their rider. Mellow is a rapidly absorbed fast acting liquid extract. It contains only rich concentrated plant extracts, with no added fillers such as cider vinegar or honey. Like all Equine Herbal products these tinctures are at a strength of 1:2 ; the strongest concentration available to the equine market.
  • Unique formulation to encourage co-operation on the ground or in training
  • Safe for competition use
  • High concentration for efficacy and speed of action

Equine Herbals’ Mellow is the equine ‘chill pill’ in liquid form, designed to take the edge off sharp or uncooperative horses, especially those resistant to training or struggling to cope with the confines of box rest.


Hypericum is used to reduce anxiety, irritability and timid to aggressive behaviours, particularly suitable for supporting the horse that is undergoing a change in environment for instance from field to training yard or suddenly subject to box rest.


Understanding the benefit Mellow can be to horses in training, Mellow does not contain any ingredients recognised to contravene the Jockey Club, FEI or BSJA rules regarding prohibited substances.


Under normal circumstances and within the recommended ration, Mellow should be quite safe to use long term if required.

  "I have had Groove Armada (Billy) for four years and although he has an incredible nature and ability, he sometimes struggles with enthusiasm for his work. Within a week of starting to feed him Mellow, he was noticeably more animated, less cranky and generally more interested in life. His attitude towards ridden work revolutionised – he went from just tolerating being ridden to actually enjoying it.   Mellow is a genuinely amazing product that does precisely what it claims on the bottle - we call it Billy’s happy pills!" Nick Brook, Cambridge. 2007 Our products make no medicinal claims, they are intended to support the body towards natural health.


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