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Itchy Horse Gel Plus

£14.95 inc vat

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Itchy Horse Gel Plus


Itchy Relief Gel PLUS is designed to support the horse or dog during the summer months against seasonal irritants. The Gel contains high levels of Essential Oils and Herbal Extracts including Garlic Essential Oil which is fantastic and deterring biting insects. 


  • Contains the oils and plant extracts your animal would instinctively choose
  • Essential Oils and Herbal extracts known to deter midges and irritating insects
  • Cooling and soothing to the area
  • Stimulates healthy mane
  • tail and coat hair growth
  • No artificial colours or fragrances
  • No petro-chemical derivatives or by products
  • Naturally antibacterial and antiseptic
  • Easy and pleasant to use
  • Economical to use – a little goes a long way

Our products make no medicinal claims, they’re intended to support the body towards natural health.




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