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Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oil

£5.20 inc vat

Eucalyptus globulus Essential Oil


Offer by hand for self-selection. Watch this Video on how to offer essential oils to a horse for Self-Selection:

You can also use water buckets.

  1. Make sure your horse has one bucket/water feeder with no essential oils in, just pure water.
  2. Use one bucket per oil, write on the bucket which oil is in the bucket.
  3. Add 5 – 10 drops of essential oil per bucket.

Watch this Video on how to offer essential oils (& Floral Waters) to a dog for Self-Selection:

Self-Selection should ideally be done every day to see lasting results. For detailed information on self-selection courses and consults see Or our YouTube Channel

If your animal wants to ingest the oil, you can put some oil on your hand and let your animal lick it. They will know how much they need. Never add essential oils to feed.



 It is often selected by animals to nutritionally support;

  • Healthy respiratory system (and helps clear mucus)
  • Aches & pains
  • when virus’ or bacteria are present
  • when the animal has a fever
  • Healthy circulation
  • Natural insect repellant.

Eucalyptus is also popular for deterring insects! 

Our products make no medicinal claims, they’re intended to support the body towards natural health.


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    Important Information

    Never apply Essential Oils topically to a cat.

    Never lock an animal in a room with an essential oil diffuser, they must be able to get away from essential oils when they decide that they’ve had enough.

    Some essential oils are not suitable to use when you or your animal are pregnant.


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