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Diatomaceus Earth

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Diatomaceus Earth


Offer by hand for self-selection or add to feed.

Watch this Video on how to offer herbs to a horse for Self-Selection: Kf7SgkcfV38

Self-Selection should ideally be done every day to see lasting results, or as often as possible.

For detailed information on self-selection courses and consults see


Apply topically as required

Or Horses: 20 – 40g 1 scoop = 10g


Our food grade Diatomaceous Earth is certified for use in organic systems and is commonly selected for natural internal and external parasite elimination. It can also be used to treat the house against an assortment of undesirable bugs!

  • De-worming and parasite control
  • Stimulates metabolism
  • Increase protein digestion with Diatomaceous Earth
  • Natural silica supplement
  • Contains essential trace minerals
  • Absorbs destructive and poisonous substances within

Approved by the Food Standards Agency, E.U Feed Additive a by Organic Farmers.


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