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It has been wonderful packing up a wide variety of dried herbs, powders, liquids and seeds for many of you these past couple of months and thank you for your patience as we continue to iron out a few glitches on the site and get hold of stock!   You may have noticed that the packaging varies too… we are just trying to use up what we took on as we move into a similar but a little bit different system. Just in case you were wondering!  Our aim is to be as environmentally conscious as we can be going forward.

I have loved making some new mixes, which I have named after some of the herd. They have been guiding me and I have been listening! George’s favourites are Barley grass, Rosehips and Chamomile. So, we have mixed these three together and they seem to be a huge success with all of ours.

They are great herbs that may help support the digestive system, the cellular system and the circulation system.

Liquorice and peppermint. An acquired taste it seems. Lightening, Liam, Noodle and Micky enjoyed this mix but the others didn’t seem to go for it with such passion. This is what I love about the self selection process. I love watching them select what they need.

The other joy is that all the herbs have a long shelf life so we can keep offering and they really can select if and when they need.

I am making a number of mixes which we will keep updating on the site and continue to share on the newsletters.

I wanted to share the wonder I have had with Coconut oil. It is really helping our lovely Liam with his sweet itch. He is not hugely appreciative of my application of it but it seems to calm it and it also deters the flies. Actually I started singing to him, whilst popping the cream on yesterday and that seemed to help! 🙂

Amazing really as singing is not my forte!

I also noticed yesterday that hair appears to be growing back so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am also supporting him with a bunch of herbs but particularly,  Calendula and Chamomile and regular Accunect sessions.

I would also like to share my love of Peppermint oil. Nimrod often gets a cough in the early summer due to pollen and/or from the dust in hay. I have found offering peppermint oil to him has been hugely helpful, while calling our vet Peter and waiting for his arrival if he felt necessary. You can pop 8 drops in a bucket of water or you can offer from the hand, holding the bottle in a fist, so your horse/pony cannot grab it, and then allow them to sniff the top of  the bottle. Nimrod shows his love by licking his lips and coming back for more until he has had enough.

I share a video of our dogs loving a bit of Brewers yeast… great for digestive health and deterring fleas.

We are also really excited about sharing some healing tea mixes so that you AND your animal can support your systems back to perfect health.

We hope you are all enjoying the summer months as best you can in these changing times and keeping well.

Love from Nicks and all of us at Naturally Animals x

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