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Catherine Edwards

My name is Catherine Edwards. I have a BSc in Biology, specialising in Animal Behaviour and Physiology, and an MBA. I also have professional qualifications as follows: 

  • Diploma Equine Iridology 
  • Diploma Applied Zoopharmacognosy (all species) 
  • Red Light Therapy Level 3 Practitioner
  • ACT 2 Animal Communicator
  • CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1

My real passion has always been animals, and I have owned my own horse(s), cats, dogs and guinea pigs for over 30 years. I have a keen interest in natural horsemanship and apply a holistic approach when working with horses, using a combination of Equine Iridology, Herbal Remedies, Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy, Animal Communication and a detailed knowledge of Equine Behaviour and Nutrition.

Janet Ashbee

Janet is the Warehouse Manager.

She’s the one who makes sure we have all the herbs and oils you need and sends them out to you so quickly. We’d be lost without her.

In her free time she enjoys fast cars and her pet fish, hamster and cat.

Elaine Ticehurst

Elaine works for Naturally Animals two days per week, the rest of the time she spends working with horses. Her main focus is the warehouse, she is especially good at making up our amazing herb mixes. Her adventurous spirit makes her climb up the highest shelves to reach the herbs you ordered.

She’s also know around here for being very tidy. Her cheerful nature always brings a smile to our faces. Oh, and she makes great tea too.

Damaris Fey

The newest members of the team, Damaris & Helium moved to the UK in November 2017 and started working for Naturally Animals in February 2018.

Damaris trained and qualified as a vet nurse in Germany where she worked in a big clinic for horses for 8 years.

She has lived in France for 5 years and worked as a yard manager on an organic farm.

Before moving to the UK she spent a summer in Italy, again working on an organic farm.

Her main focus at Naturally Animals are the administrative side of things and she is the compliance officer, making sure all organic products are bought in and handled correctly.

When not in the office she likes to spend time with Helium, surf some waves and read lots of books.

Barbara West

Naturally Animals really is a family business, with all members of the family being happy to do their bit!

Barbara, Catherine’s mother is a great help with bagging herbs in our warehouse. This is why she is so happy to help: “We are a multi-animal owning family. I have owned, bred, worked and shown my Labradors since the 1970s and have owned Schipperkes since 1991. During all these years I have obviously had my share of health problems with the dogs. Since my daughter Catherine started her company- Naturally Animals, I have used her products as and when I needed to, and have been very impressed with the success obtained.

I sincerely feel that my dogs are so much healthier now they are fed as naturally as possible and supplemented with the purest herbal products that Catherine obtains. I feel that still having three of my dogs over the age of 14 and still as fit as a fiddle, is a testimony to this.”



Master Product Tester for our horse products



Master Product Tester for our horse products


Lola and Star

Master Product Tester for our dog products


Master Product Tester for our dog products