Land Treatment

We are passionate about healing the root cause of the issue. The soil health of the land that  horses / farm animals are kept on, and where their hay / feed comes from, is a large contributor to the health of the animal. Helping horse owners improve their land quality is therefore so  important, whether you have your own land or are at livery. This will be some of the best money you can spend.
Treating the land can be a much safer option than pumping lots of minerals into your horse, as it is very easily to overdose and that can cause as many health problems as deficiencies can. That is why our supplements are all available for self-selection and are carefully balanced. To complement this we are therefore delighted to provide some excellent practical options for you to improve your land quality:

1. Plusbac Grow

Plusbac Grow is a highly beneficial microbial, liquid balancer made from the fermentation of molasses, water, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria. It can be used in conjunction with our Plusbac Equine & Plusbac Pets Products. It will increase beneficial microorganisms in the soil, enhancing soil organic activity. 

When Plusbac Grow is sprayed on crops or as a folia application it fights certain pathogenic fungal diseases, which in itself means more toxic chemical pesticide and fungal residues can be reduced. Beneficial microbes help strengthen the plants from the beginning, (If seeds or young plants are sprayed) making them less susceptible to pests and fungal infestation and ensuring better vegetable/crop growth. When sprayed on your land you will notice significant improvement in soil, and hence forrage, quality. The microorganisms are generally inactive at rest and so can be stored in the right conditions for a significant period of time.

2. Land Mineral analysis and treatment:

We have partnered with John Wanklyn at Field Science to provide our customers with a detailed soil analysis. Ensuring your soil is healthy and balanced is key to ensuring your forage is! Horses (and any grazing animal) need balanced soil to ensure that the pasture contains the correct nutrients. Field Science are able to provide a full soil testing kit with instructions, and based on the results of this to provide a bespoke mineral mix for your land.
John is our go-to expert for soil conditioning and analysis for both crops and livestock. He has a full understanding of what is needed in terms of minerals and trace elements as well as microbial conditioning in order for the soil to contain the required nutrients for both crops and livestock.  Field Science Trace Element Dressings work in all soils and are always based on individual soil analysis  and are tailor-made for each area tested, which makes them the ideal partner for Plusbac beneficial bacteria.