James Hart Solutions ‘Old Friend’ helps relieve stiffness of stunning veteran

 Lucy Thompson from Brockley in London got in touch with James Hart Solutions.

“I used James Hart Solutions Old Friendfor my 22yr old Russian Don gelding, Kengis.  I was impressed by the level of Devil’s Claw in the product as although I have used other products they are much weaker or watered down. Kengis showed less stiffness in his knees after using Old Friend. I’d give Old Friend 10/10!” says Lucy.

Thanking Lucy for her feedback James Hart Solutions extends its quality commitment.

We only use PRIME INGREDIENTS – top quality, ethically grown, scientifically proven raw herbs of the right species and utilizing the correct part of the plant for maximum effect.

To achieve PURITY, our extraction techniques are supported by University and Crown Research bodies to ensure the highest level of actives are then available for your horse with no fillers, no colouring and no artificial preservatives.

 To achieve PRICE, our 1:2 concentrations mean that only are James Hart Solutions effective at low doses, they are also economical to use – being at least twice and as much as 30x stronger than other herbal supplements on the market.


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