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“Nature itself is the best physician.” Hippocrates

Herbs and essential oils have been part of both the human and animal world since the beginning of time and they are an essential part of many medicines. An example of this is Aspirin. Willow bark is the essential herbal ingredient. A natural anti inflammatory and pain killer.

We have been using herbs and oils over the past 9 years with our growing herd of rehomed ponies, our dogs, cats and guinea pigs and our family and we have found them to be a key part of their overall health. There is no question that Nature and all she offers plays an important role in Medicine today, complimentary health and in preventing dis – ease within both animals and humans.

It is an incredibly grounding experience seeing your animal self select what it needs in order to restore balance and bring the body back into its natural state of healing. Allowing them to self select reminds us that as beings, we all know what we need to be well and healthy, we simply have to listen.

We really hope to share this experience with you by offering a great selection of herbs for you and your animals.

“Herbs are economic, reliable, sustainable and support our overall wellbeing.” Verm X

If this is new to you and your animal friends why not start with an introductory pack, all created from our favourites.


Here you will find the most common horse products, but virtually all our products can be used for all species


Here you will find the most common dog products, but virtually all our products can be used for all species

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CBD Products

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