Equine Herbals ‘AllergAllay’ prolongs retirement for top NZ dressage horse

Have just arrived back from S.I Dressage Champs and had a clinic the weekend before. This meant Chubby was yarded and then into Covered Yards for about 10 days. In the past he would have been coughing and he always when in ChCh would have a coughing fit in the test, always at canter.

So this was going to be more of a test with the time he was away. I always feed him the ground, and hand graze as much as possible. He coped really well,  but by the time he got to McLeans Island he was devolving a little bit of a cough and a discharge after been worked. I upped it to 25mls twice a day and instead of half an onion am and pm, he got a whole onion twice a day.

He never coughed once in his test, and sometimes had couple of cough when you first hopped on him, but then he was fine. He still did discharge a little after been ridden, but I just allowed him to graze a little and he was fine for the pm test.

So thank you both so much, this horse was going into early retirement because of this problem and the vets solution of ventilator, was no help for when he is competing. It is amazing how quickly using both allergy and onion kicks in?? You just have to up it and the next day he is fine.

I have been putting other people with similar problems onto this and I will tell the vets as well. Cause it does work!!


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