Online Courses

Catherine is passionate about sharing knowledge, and so has provided a wonderful range (more coming soon) of On- Line courses.  We have courses which give a professional qualification (Holistic Equine Iridology Diploma) and courses to help animal owners of all species make the best lifestyle decisions to keep their animals thriving! They are perfect for animal owners, therapists, anyone working with animals and anyone wanting to work with animals. They include many hours of videos, PDFs, theoretical explanation and practical demos, a PDF booklet to download for easy reference and you get lifelong access! 

In today changing environment, it s so important we keep abreast of how we can support our animals naturally, and sharing all I learn is a win win for the animals, their humans and the environment, as it all applies to us too! 

Training courses are run by Catherine and her team at The Catherine Edwards Academy. Catherine works with an amazing range of experts and there are lots more courses (and retreats) coming soon.

Holistic Equine Iridology Diploma
The Ultimate Holistic Guide to Iridology for Horses: It’s all in the eyes!

Natural Health for Dogs – Introduction to Zoopharmacognosy – Online Course
Learn how to Offer Natural Remedies and Essential Oils to your Dog for Self-Selection

Natural Health for Horses – Introduction to Zoopharmacognosy – Online Course
Learn how to offer natural remedies and essential oils to your horse via self-selection

Natural Health for Horses – First Aid – Conditions & Natural Remedies – Online Course
Learn how to make natural remedies and help your horse to stay healthy

Catherine's Consults

Catherine Edwards is the founder of The Catherine Edwards Academy which hosts both online courses and in-person workshops. She also works as a private Therapist offering a range of services for animals and humans, both in person and remotely anywhere in the world, seeking to improve their overall health and vitality. Her unique combination of holistic therapies provides each customer, of whatever species, with a wealth of information to understand the root cause of any imbalances, addressing the physical, emotional and behavioural, and providing lasting solutions to regain balance. With animals Catherine uses a combination of Iridology, Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy, Environmental Enhancement & review, Diet & Nutrition review, Stress Management and Animal Communication. In particular, she helps owners / animal parents to become Conscious Animals Parents, seeing the world through their animals eyes – this has a huge impact on being able to make the best decisions on behalf of our animals, which are highly dependent on us and our choices! Catherine uses the principles of the CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Programme with her human clients, combined with her extensive herbal and natural remedies and self-awareness techniques inspired by some of her favorite leaders including Dr Joe Dispenza, Greg Braden, Kyle Cease, Wayne Dyer, Nassim Haramein to name but a few. .Catherine offers a wide range of consults, for all animals and humans. Details can be found at  The Catherine Edwards Academy. Catherine works with an amazing range of experts and is constantly updating her knowledge, every animal and person is a teacher. 


Here are just a few of the testimonials from our course attendees…

“This is the best course I have attended – I learnt so much and have puts lots into practice already with my own horse, thank you. You are the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and I have even been using the ointment myself!”. – Jenny

“I have just completed two of Catherine Edwards workshops, zoopharmacognacy and first aid. Thank you for your wonderful courses, it was just fantastic and inspiring. I am just amazed by the amount of information Catherine knows and freely gives to you. She is a person who likes to share ideas and knowledge and has the groups attention. There is a practical in the afternoon where we all can participate if we want too. It gives you an understanding of what your animal is showing you. I would highly recommend both courses as they empower you to help, calm and relax your animal when needed.” Julie Hanley

“This is an excellent course — having it online is so useful because I can keep re-watching the bits I need most! I learned so much about how to work with self – selection and I’m now comfortable doing it at home by myself which saves me paying the therapist to come to my house! Daisy loves smelling her oils in the evening before going to bed and she has become a much calmer dog since we work with the oils, she doesn’t panic anymore in situations that frightened her before, I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to help their dog with their emotions or health. The PDF-download booklet is fantastic, so useful! Thank you again.” – Melanie, Oxford

“Thank you for this amazing course! I finally feel confident to offer the herbs & essential to my horse and understand his reactions. I can’t thank you enough!” – Sarah

“I have tried various natural remedies with my dog but the problem was I never knew what was needed or what was working. Having completed the Introduction to Zoopharmacognosy I now feel much better equipped to deal with any pain my dog may be experiencing.” – Katy & Rhia

“I really enjoyed this course and looking forward to extend my knowledge that is so very good for our animals. I certainly will have more courses in the near future. I can’t thank Catherine enough to introduce me to this. I already had very good results when I phoned Catherine with a problem with one of our horses. My husband and myself can’t thank Catherine enough to help us to find our lost cat Asha. She was hiding and she came home to us later in the evening when it was quite outside just like Catherine told us. I can recommend this 1 day course to anyone who will give the animals the choice to heal themselves as they know best what is good for them.” – Jacqueline Hallam, Norfolk

“I’ve just done the Zoopharmacognosy Course for Dogs where I excitedly learnt how to use different essential oils & herbs to help my two 10 yr old Labradors to self heal. I was given all the confidence & knowhow to immediately start. I’m now easily setting aside half hour or more to offer my dogs oils and herbs to help them feel balanced and totally relaxed (it’s so funny & wonderful to see them zonked after just a 15 mins session). I want to tell everyone about it & would hugely recommend… I think it saves money on vet fees and is kinder to your pets ” – Sam

“Wow, what an amazing course! 2 great demo dogs with very different struggles and Catherine worked through each case with such skill, explaining what she was doing step by step, what she was looking for and how she was deciding on the next steps and letting the dog lead the session. It was quite an emotional experience and I soaked up all that I could to apply to my own dogs at home, which, so far, has been similarly emotional. Catherine is very talented and has so much to give; completely loved the course! Thank you.” – Ros

“Having worked with self-selection myself this course has given me so much extra information to help me make the right decisions for my horses and me! I love the practical demos and the theory presentations are really thorough, and I have already made changes to how I look after my horses. They have never been happier or healthier! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to do the dog one next!” – Mary, Cambridgeshire

“Thank you for an amazing day yesterday Catherine. It certainly has given me an amazing insight into the work you do. I found being able to watch other animals react so interesting but it was the owners reaction that really made me appreciate the depth of the healing process.Many thanks!” – Jane