Equine Iridology Diploma

Equine Iridology Diploma
The Ultimate Guide to Iridology for Horses: It's all in the eyes!

Is your Calling Working with Horses?

Would you like to understand the link between the symptoms a horse shows and the root cause of the issue?

Would you like to be able to advise the most effect ways to re balance each horse naturally using holistic therapies that will stop the problem coming back?

You’ve come to the right place.

Who is this Course for?

– anybody who wants to work with horses, whether you’re just starting your career, looking to change your career or just following your true calling in your free time;

– any existing Therapist, Vet Nurse or Vet who wants to add a new exciting facet to their work with horses;

– any existing Iridologist who would like to extend their practice to working with horses;

– any Horse Owner, Yard Owner or Manager, Trainer, Farrier, Podiatrist or Groom who wants to learn and understand the frustrating hidden causes of problems that make horses ill, unhappy, show behavioural issues or lack performance.

I am delighted to be able to offer a Diploma in Equine Iridology. My course syllabus has been approved by Balen’s Insurance, and all U.K. students are able to get professional insurance cover, both as a student and as a Practitioner on completion of this course. This course is open to students globally.

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