We are always happy to advise for free on the best products for your animals, however, we also realise that just giving your animal a product, however amazing ours are, is not going to sort every problem. Keeping your animals healthy and happy can involve reviewing everything from diet to environment and this is where we are experts! There is no such thing as a quick fix, and your animal is worth ensuring that you get it right now to ensure a long, happy and healthy life.

To book a consult (in person or remote) with Catherine or enrol in one of our Online Courses.

Please do take a look and don’t hesitate to ask if you need more information. We don’t look for quick fixes, we get to the root cause and help you make the changes to stop problems re-occurring. We are unique in being able to provide a truly holistic range of therapies, training and holistic natural products to support all species, taking the stress away for you and your animals.

Catherine specialises in Getting to the Root Cause for lasting results:

  • Conscious Animal Parenting – Through the Eye of the Animal
  • Complete lifestyle review for lasting health – in person or remote

Specific Therapies offered include:

  • Iridology for Horses, Dogs & Cats
  • Applied Zoopharmacognosy  for all Animals
  • Red Light therapy for all Animals & Humans
  • Animal Communication
  • Environmental review & enhancement
  • Holistic Life Style Coaching for Humans

Here are some examples of Catherine working with animals:

1. A typical horse consult
2. Consult with a Dog with OCD

All our team are all very experienced in animal health and advising which the most suitable products are for you and your animals. See our ‘Why We Are  Awesome’ page for more details on each member of our amazing team! Our passion for animals shines through in all we do. Our products are here to support a healthy lifestyle, so we are able to advise on a whole range of issues that will impact on your animal’s health and wellbeing.  

Conscious Animal Parenting – Through the Eyes of Your Animal

Catherine is an Animal and Human Health advocate. She practices, teaches and coaches on how to be a conscious animal owner/guardian, and how to see the world through the eyes of your animal. This may sound obvious, but often we make decisions from a human perspective, which may not be the best decisions for our animal’s needs. Having a trusted person to help you really understand what is in your animals best interest not only ensures they thrive, both physically & emotionally but takes the stress away from you!

Happy animal parent = happy animal!

Catherine is a Biologist and has followed her passion for continuous learning to help herself and other animal owners to be able to make the best lifestyle choices for themselves and their animals.

Catherine uses a range of natural therapies in her practice to help clients to understand their needs and those of their animal, and to make the changes required for health and happiness. Therapies include Animal Iridology, Applied Zoopharmacognosy, Red Light Therapy, Animal Communication, CEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Mediation and activating mind over matter.

Two particular areas that Catherine has seen make a huge difference to her clients and their animal’s health and wellbeing are:

  1. Understanding the food chain/choices, soil health and its relationship to gut health and inflammation in the body and mind, and hence overall health. Providing owners with knowledge, so that they can understand the impact of the daily decisions that they make on their own and their animal’s health, is key to Catherine’s work, which is constantly evolving. Every day I Iearn.
  2. The link between physical, emotional and spiritual health, particularly looking at the interaction between the animal(s) and their parents – her approach truly looks at balancing all areas that impact health and wellbeing, with lasting results for both animal and parent.

Most importantly, Catherine provides practical solutions that can be implemented straight away, and results show that anything is possible! Catherine helps her clients to look at things differently, to unlearn some of the myths that have not served them and their animals, and to re-connect to their inner intuition.

Catherine has been lucky to work with and study with world leaders in a number of fields including Mediation,  Nutrition, Iridology, Self-Medication and Gut Health, and she is passionate about sharing this knowledge.

As a holistic therapist and coach Catherine does not just focus only on the immediate problem, her approach is to understand the root cause and to help the person/parent to implement the changes needed, to not only ensure the problem doesn’t come back but to improve overall health, vitality and happiness.

Some areas where Catherine’s expertise will  really help include:


  • Pain – understanding the source of and corrective actions and therapies
  • Metabolic issues from laminitis, COPD, arthritis
  • Behavioural issues – – understanding the source of and corrective actions ad therapies
  • Cancer
  • Skin issues
  • Ulcers and digestive Issues
  • Reproductive issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Performance improvement

Dogs, Cats & Small Animals

  • Pain – understanding the source of and corrective actions and therapies
  • Metabolic issues from pancreatitis, thyroid, and diabetes
  • Behavioural issues – – understanding the source of and corrective actions ad therapies
  • Cancer
  • Skin issues
  • Ulcers and Digestive Issues
  • Reproductive issues
  • Separation anxiety
  • Hormonal issues


  • Having a perfect relationship with yourself and your animal(s)
  • Achieving your ideal weight & vitality
  • Chronic disease management
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Finding and living your Life Purpose