Naturally Fulvic Liquid for dogs, cats & small animals 1L

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It is a wonderful aid in detoxification and transporting nutrients throughout the body. 

"PrimeFulvic promotes the immune system, nutrient absorption, recovery after disease and medical procedures, and supports animal health. Keep your farm animal healthy and strong!

 Natural fermentation process

PrimeFulvic, ie fulvic acid, is crucial for maintaining good animal health. Fulvic acid forms a biochemical bridge between inanimate minerals and living cells. The molecular weight and size of fulvic acid is so small that the substance can travel from cell to cell. As a result, it helps the animal body to absorb nutrients better and maintain cell balance. Fulvic acid removes heavy metals from the animal body.
PrimeFulvic is produced through a very slow, natural fermentation process. This process purifies the fulvic acid from the minerals and metals that are bound to fulvic acid in its natural state. Because PrimeFulvic is purified, it can optimally absorb nutrients and transport them to the body cells of your animal. No chemical ingredients, heat or preservatives are used in the production of PrimeFulvic. This gives PrimeFulvic its characteristic yellow color and makes it odorless and flavorless."