Organic Calendula Flowers

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A wonderful bright herb that supports skin allergies and inflammation. Calms nervous tension in the stomach and any inflammation in the stomach. It helps wounds heal and scar tissue repair. It is also a great herb for lifting the spirits. 

Often stomach issues can be related to anxiety connected to loss and separation. Calendula is a great herb to offer your animal in these cases. 

You may find your cat wants to roll in them or simply inhale them. Your dog may inhale them or eat them and they may take orally in small doses (blended) with a carrier oil. Your horse will enjoy them whole or simply inhale too. 

It is suggested that you do not offer your dog calendula orally if he/she suffers from pancreatitis. 

Calendula can be applied topically too in an oil or cream. 


Organic Calendula flowers - calendula officinalis