George's Naturally Immune & Detox

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Natural Herb Mix for happier and healthier horses


The combination of Barley Grass and Rosehips is a wonderful support for your animal. By adding the Rosehips, the barley grass is more easily absorbed.

Barley Grass is rich in nutrients and supports both ourselves and our animals on a deep cellular level. The rich content of Magnesium supports the nervous system, relieving horses of anxiety. It is very supportive in the winter months when pastures are low in nutrients. Cats sometimes like to lick barley grass so one can leave it out in a small bowl for them to self-select.

Dogs may self select it but often have a preference for Spirulina.

Can be hugely beneficial for those with cushings and laminitis.  It also has a low sugar content. 

It supports animals in self healing. 

We offer with Rosehips to help with the cost as Barley Grass is very expensive. However it is usually offered separately to the Rosehips. But ok to do either! 

Can benefit animals suffering from Anaemia. 


Rosehips -Rich in Antioxidants and Vitamin C 

Beneficial for those that suffer from Anaemia. They will consume a lot of them on a daily basis if suffering from Anaemia.

Support cellular degeneration. 

Support dull coats and poor hoof condition. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body so animals that are in need of collagen will be drawn to Rosehips because of their Vitamin C content which supports the enzymes that make collagen. It is found in muscles, bones, skin,blood vessels, tendons and the digestive system so really important in helping many underlying health issues. 

Support a run down immune system 

May help those that suffer from Sarcoids. 

Horses often go for them before the winter months because of their Vitamin C content.  


Barley Grass and Rosehips 


How to use 

Offer by hand or self selection. 

Cats may simply sniff and rather roll in the mix 

Dogs will prefer the mix powdered together and offered with food or with an oil - coconut, olive or sunflower oil. Horses will enjoy the mix in a bucket, by hand or in feed.