Activated Charcoal

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Produced from coconut shells to nutritionally support digestion & detoxification. Activated Charcoal leaves all the goodness in our bodies and clears out the waste. Horses, dogs, humans and all. 

Activated charcoal does not absorb any nutrients, minerals or vitamins as these substances are either too large or do not bond with activated charcoal.

A large proportion of the substances are absorbed directly from the digestive system, to a lesser extent substances are adsorbed from blood vessels surrounding/supporting the digestive system, this process may occur by migration, secretion or diffusion the actual process is unknown.

Activated charcoal does not alter the chemistry of the body and does not form complexes with nutrients or minerals or food supplements.

The number of active sites on each particle of activated charcoal is limited, once these complexing sites have been occupied the particles of activated charcoal can play no further role in removing substances from the body, hence it is important to take activated charcoal regularly to ensure there is sufficient activated charcoal present to remove unwanted substances.

How to use

Offer by hand for self-selection or add to daily feed.


Particles of activated charcoal consist of a complex honeycomb, substances are attracted to the surface of the activated charcoal and are held by weak intermolecular forces to produce a charcoal complex.

Our Activated charcoal is pharmaceutical grade, B.P.C 1934 which stands for British Pharmaceutical Codex which defines the quality and specification of the activated charcoal. The correct chemical term for this grade of material is activated carbon.