Bonfire Night get your Horse spooked? Look no further.

Remember, remember the 5th of November for all the right reasons this year and not because of the stress it places on your pets and yourselves.

Bonfire night can be a stressful time for you and your pets whether they are horses, dogs, cats or other smaller animals.  As responsible pet owners, it is best to prepare now to ensure you have everything you need in order to support them through the fireworks seasons and indeed through any other periods of stress (vet visits, travelling).

Using natural products for animals will often calm the animal down immediately and allow the noise and fireworks to continue without all the anxiety and stress that you animal may associate with this time of year.

At Naturally Animals, we have a wide selection of products to support your pet naturally through stressful times.

It’s never too early to start preparing for keeping your pet stress free.

Here are just a few suggestions and special offers for the firework season!

Horses can find fireworks very stressful whether they are stabled or in their fields.  Horses out in the field can panic and gallop wildly if stressed, often breaking out of fields. Here are a few suggestions that may help;

  • Always check your fencing and gates to ensure there are no sharp projections that they can cut themselves on;
  • Ensure that gates are securely locked;
  • Put some hay out in the field to distract them;
  • Ensure they have company and are not in the field on their own;
  • Ensure rugs are well secured and do not restrict movement;
  • Make regular checks where possible
  • Naturally Animals Firework Stress Kit is the perfect combination for calming down an anxious horse or one frightened by fireworks, particularly if your horse is stabled when they are normally turned out in the field.  V-Calm is one of the strongest calmer on the market and our best seller. V-Calm contains the highest concentration of valerian on the market.  As it is an alcohol extract the V-Calm is absorbed very quickly into the blood stream, with effects noticeable within 30 minutes.  This makes it invaluable for those unexpected stressful situations where you do not want to feed a calmer long term and very beneficial for adhoc use.
    If you know that there will be fireworks nearby on a particular date then give V-Calm for 3 days preceding so that it will have built up into the system. Unlike some sedatives it is safe to administer even when the horse is already excitable and anxious. Due to its effectiveness, valerian is a banned substance under FEI regulations so should not be used in competitions where testing of prohibited substances applies. In this instance Equi-Calm may be the appropriate herbal product.
  • For those extremely nervous horses a combination of V-Calm and Mellow is extremely potent, hitting anxiety from two directions. This is very popular with stabled horses as they often find it stressful to be shut in the stable during fireworks.

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