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Magic Clay – the many uses for Green Clay and why every animal owner needs it

  Green Clay has amazing drawing properties and can be used both for consumption and topically to encourage healing. In nature, animals will often choose to drink muddy water rather than clean water as the mud has therapeutic properties. Green Clay has been used for thousands of years for promoting health in animals and humans. The best […]

Why You Don’t Want to Feed Soya to Your Horse

  In this post we’d like to share our view on soy in horse feeds / balancers. We see more and more horses with gastric ulcers and metabolic issues. One thing that stands out is how many of these horses are on feeds or feed balancers that contain soya products, and how much better they feel […]

Laminitis Update by James Hart of Equine Herbals

Laminitis has alway been a problem but some recently published work by researchers in Queensland has made us look at it in a new light. As result our understanding of laminitis has increased significantly. This crippling disease affects thousands of horses world wide and until quite recently has been poorly understood. Evidence that owners and [...]

Equine Herbals ‘AllergAllay’ prolongs retirement for top NZ dressage horse

Have just arrived back from S.I Dressage Champs and had a clinic the weekend before. This meant Chubby was yarded and then into Covered Yards for about 10 days. In the past he would have been coughing and he always when in ChCh would have a coughing fit in the test, always at canter. So [...]

S’wagger provides lasting relief for senior agility dog

I have been using 'Swagger' on my Australian Kelpie Shadow for over 4 months now and am really really pleased with the results.  She is a senior agility dog, training every week and competing most weekends in the summer, and still competitive over full height - not bad for an 11 year old!  Swagger is [...]

James Hart Solutions ‘Old Friend’ helps relieve stiffness of stunning veteran

 Lucy Thompson from Brockley in London got in touch with James Hart Solutions. "I used James Hart Solutions Old Friendfor my 22yr old Russian Don gelding, Kengis.  I was impressed by the level of Devil's Claw in the product as although I have used other products they are much weaker or watered down. Kengis showed less stiffness [...]

The Power of Rosehips

Rosehip berries (Rosa canina), the Dog or Wild Rose, are still one of the top selected products for horses and dogs alike. Our approach to what herbs to offer or give your animals is simple: Would they have access to them in the wild? If yes then always offer – nature has all the answers, […]

Francis Whittington endorses Naturally Animals

Naturally Animals are proud to sponsor Francis Whittington - a top 3 day event rider. Read more of what he says about us! 'Catherine has been an invaluable addition to the team. With her combination of therapies - assessing the horses bespoke needs with Equine Iridology, and then supporting with a combination of herbal products [...]

Purify and Francis Whittington Testimonial

I noticed a difference in my horses work two days after being on the James Hart' tonic Purify. He moved more freely as a result of feeling more comfortable inside. Francis

Echinacea under the Spotlight by James Hart

Echinacea under the Spotlight - by James Hart, Equine Herbals. Echinacea is the world’s most used herb by humans and as we would expect has been exposed to its fair share of research, much of which is directly applicable to horses. Its traditional use has been to boost the immune system and it is widely [...]

Cushing’s what is?

Cushing's..Chaste Tree and Adaptogens can help by James Hart of Equine Herbals As our horses are living longer and we are becoming more concerned for their welfare it is not surprising that we are seeing an increasing incidence and awareness of diseases associated with middle and old age. Two of these are Cushing's Disease and [...]

Mycotoxins in Horse Diets – more than just Staggers by James Hart of Equine Herbals

The effects of mycotoxins on production animals and humans are well known but until recently less work had been done to look at how horses are affected. Horses may in fact be more susceptible to mycotoxins than ruminants because they are hind gut fermenters. Mycotoxins are more likely to be absorbed in the fore-gut and [...]

The truth about worms


Helping Dogs overcome fear of fireworks – a training perspective

We hope you enjoy these helpful tips from our guest blogger - .Rachael’s Canine Ambitions knows your dog deserves the best. She provides friendly, reliable and fully insured dog walking and training in the Swindon area as well as being an experienced dog trainer. Dogs being scared of fireworks is a really common problem, and it’s made [...]

Why Use Alcohol in Herbal Liquids by James Hart of Equine Herbals

There are a range of herbal products available. Some people prefer dry herbs, but liquids are usually more effective. Herbalists have traditionally used alcohol. This article explains why alcohol is still the best. The active parts of the plants that we use are contained within the cells of the plant. To make use of these [...]


NATURALLY ANIMALS ARE PLEASED TO NOW BE AN AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTER FOR ALL PHOTONIC HEALTH LIGHTS AND RESOURCES - PLEASE CONTACT [email protected] for full details and pricing WE ARE ALSO ABLE TO ARRANGE AND PROVIDE APPROPRIATE TRAINING Why not find out more about this amazing tool for use in your own home / stable - we never go ANYWHERE [...]

An Old Herb Offers New Hope and Support for Cushings Syndrome

An Old Herb Offers New Hope and Support for Cushings Syndrome A look at a condition of older horses that has been difficult to treat. Trials in the UK and USA are finding that a herb commonly used in treating women is proving very effective in the treatment of Cushings Syndrome in horses. What is [...]

Insulin Resistance by James Hart

Insulin Resistance by James Hart Horses used to be kept for work and as economic animals they were rarely allowed to become obese. Now however most are kept for recreation and many are not given adequate exercise. Unfortunately this means that in some places we are now faced with too many obese horses. Horses in [...]

How to support Sweet Itch holistically and naturally+

Sweet itch (SI), or Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD), is thought to be caused by an allergic reaction to the bite of the culicoides midge.  The body responds to a bite by producing an antibody from the horse’s immune system.  This binds to the allergens producing histamine amongst other factors. In a horse suffering from [...]

Website Changes

If you are having trouble finding products and information you have seen before on our site, we are very sorry.  We are updating our site which takes time. If you are experiencing difficulties, please do not hesitate to get in touch using our free phone number or email us. Thanks for your patience, Leanne and [...]

Turmeric Extract

The latest human study to clinically confirm turmeric's medicinal value was published in the Indonesian Journal of Internal Medicine in April, 2012 and found the curcuminoid extract of turmeric was able to reduce inflammation in patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis. For more information please see the attached link.

The healing power of cats purring

Well we already knew that didnt we?

Meridian Point BL20

Researchers review Equine Multinodular Pulmonary fibrosis

For more info click on the link but don't forget, photonic red light therapy and applied zoopharmacognosy play a vital role in recover for virus based illnesses.  Please call us to discuss if you think we may be able to help.

Have dogs evolved to handle starch rich diets?

Great Link here on analysis of research undertaken which the summary paragraph states dogs have evolved to cope with a starch rich diet. Or have they?

Photonics Health Kidney 27 poin

Customer Testimonial

Its great to get customer feedback.  Thankyou. I have been fortunate enough to know Catherine Edwards and the amazing work she does with her red light treatment. This is inclusive of Iridology and oils/herbs from her self selection. I learn so much every time I see Catherine about my horse from the emotional to the [...]

Research showing fresh wholesome food for dogs is best.

The results of a landmark study conducted by animal science researchers in California show that feeding a group of dogs a freshly prepared, whole food, lightly cooked, nutritionally balanced diet made from real food is scientifically shown to increase white blood cells and blood proteins that could benefit immune health. The groundbreaking research is being presented this week [...]

Update from Zambia on Suni

Following a very successful visit to the Lilayi Elephant orphanage in Zambia in mid May 2014 by Catherine & Leanne from Naturally Animals, the staff at the orphanage have continued with both the Applied Zoopharmacognosy (self-selection) and the Red Light Therapy. the Red Light Therapy has been given to Suni upto three times per day, [...]

Bonfire Night get your Horse spooked? Look no further.

Remember, remember the 5th of November for all the right reasons this year and not because of the stress it places on your pets and yourselves. Bonfire night can be a stressful time for you and your pets whether they are horses, dogs, cats or other smaller animals.  As responsible pet owners, it is best to [...]

Remember, remember the 5th of November for all the right reasons this year

Remember, remember the 5th of November for all the right reasons this year and not because of the stress it places on your pets and yourselves. Bonfire night can be a stressful time for you and your pets whether they are horses, dogs, cats or other smaller animals.  As responsible pet owners, it is best to [...]

Cats love Valerian Root

Valerian is a perennial plant that grows to a height of 4 to 6 feet, and has fragrant reddish to white flowers. It’s popularity with cats stems from a terpenoid chemical that the root contains.  This is similar to chemicals found in catnip.  As well as cats benefiting from its relaxing and calming properties, it [...]

V-Calm Success

Just wanted to say thank you for your wondeful V calm product.  I received it yesterday and gave my horse it last night.  After a very sleepless night to my amazement I got to the yard this morning to find a relaxed and happy chap.  The stable was in tact (he has been slowly demolishing [...]

Why feed a probiotic to your dog or cat?

Common digestive problems and the effect on health One of the keys to good health in your dog or cat is a robust immune system.  And up to 80% of a mammal’s immune system function is located in the digestive tract whose job it is to allow absorption of nutrients, and act as a barrier to harmful [...]

Epilepsy and fits in dogs

When you pet has a seizure or convulses it can be very traumatic for both pet and their guardian. Here are some holistic tips on how to support your pet from a prevention point of view, but also preluding the onset of a fit/convulsion until veterinary help can be reached. A seizure is linked to [...]

Time to Combat Acorns

Calendula officinalis flower, marigold with dried flowers. Bouquet isolated on white background. As autumn begins to arrive we see the constant flow of acorns often unwantedly disappearing rapidly into our horses mouths. Most horse owners are concerned about the risk posed by their horses eating acorns in the autumn. So how can we help support [...]

Supporting Competition Animals

Staying Power Tonic: To support muscle function and speed up recovery after exercise. 1 Litre and 500mls available 10% Off for 2 weeks only Now that the hunting and national hunt season is upon us many of our horses are needing a bit of extra support to ensure that their stamina is at peak levels (feel [...]

Dogs – Detox

At this time of year all of us often need a bit of extra support detoxing our bodies so that we can go into the winter with our immune systems on top form. This is very true for dogs, who are growing winter coats etc. and can sometimes be itchy at this time of year. [...]

Cats Corner

At this time of year cats can be affected by fireworks and associated parties. It is really important to keep them in at these times, and you can help them to relax with these lovely calming, destressing herbs. We recommend that you sprinbkle piles of herbs (you don’t need a lot) on a tea towl [...]

Essential Oils provide help to wildlife too!

Click on the link below to find out how this fantastic Charity used our amazing Essential Oils to help a poorly hedgehog.

Complicated colic

Although it makes complete sense to me that an animal will self-select herbs and oils to benefit its health, I was sceptical about the effect of Catherine's full consultation using iridology and red light treatment. I was unprepared for the transformation in my horse. After colic, she had been eating, but refused to graze for [...]

MSM is amazing when it is top quality

Both my horse and I suffer , for different reasons, from many medical conditions and find muscle fatigue, stiffness and joint pain very limiting.   Thank you to Jane for your lovely feedback. We take great pride in ony sourcng the very best quality products so we kow you will be delighted with the results. [...]

Animals As Mirrors

Animals as Mirrors Many of us are constantly working on self-development. It is really helpful when doing so to have a deep understanding of your true emotions, value systems and dreams. Often we as humans can say one thing and mean another. This can be for a variety of reasons, including not really understanding what [...]

Natural Vitamin’s and Minerals for You and Your Animals

Vitamins & Mineral’s and Your Animal Where do Vitamins & Minerals Come From? I often get asked “what is the difference between a vitamin and a mineral and where do they come from, and why does my animal need extra?” In this short blog I will try and answer some of the questions I get [...]

S’wagger brings relief from spondylosis in agility dog

My dog Millie was diagnosed with spondylosis ( arthritis of the spine) last year and has been presribed Rimadyl an anti inflammatory. Despite receiving daily doses she sometimes found it difficult jumping in the car. Millie also enjoyed doing agility but the arthritis meant that she could no longer carry on. Sometimes she would react […]