The food industry is mad 2 – Taking Ownership

The food industry is mad 2 - Taking Ownership

So I could give you lots of science and research papers but would that really convince you?  Which of these research papers are ‘real’ and which are funded by the companies trying to promote their poison?

In reality it has to come from your gut feel, your intuition, that thing that has kept all species alive for their evolutionary history. Does it feel right and am I prepared to risk my life on it? Because that is the reality of what we are doing, risking our lives and those of our animals on our belief system, simple as that.

Let’s cut to the chase – what you believe is going to affect your lifespan and quality of life – and not just yours, those under your care or influence – that includes you children and animals. So I believe we should take that responsibility seriously.

We can make as many excuses as we like but in the end our body and or health doesn’t lie – that will be the clearest indicator of whether the decisions we have been making over the years have been right for us. There is no blame here but let’s take responsibility.

I get told all the time ‘I have to do what my doctor or vets tell me’ I know this is rubbish and so do you. Stop passing the buck and take responsibility. If we want to outsource our decisions then accept that is a choice, OUR choice not theirs. We all have our own belief systems and that is fine, but when the evidence is pointing against us then at least listen, for the sake of those that depend on you. Would you go to a fat aerobics teacher? I wouldn’t, my beliefs tells me that if they are teaching this they should at least look fit themselves. Practice what you preach is core to my beliefs. They may not be yours, but they are mine and it has stood  me in good stead so far.

So when I get clients with depression, health issues, autoimmune diseases and most often cancer coming to me – my approach is simple. Our bodies don’t lie, they reflect our choices of yesterday, but the great thing is our choices of today and tomorrow can turn it around. It is NOT too late, we and our animals have an amazing capacity to heal, if we allow it!

The food and supplements industry is very good at marketing, but none are better at this than the pharmaceutical industry. We live in a world of disease management where it is accepted that half of us will ‘get cancer’. What that means in reality is that half of us will make choices or have those made for us, where our bodies can no longer do the job of maintaining homeostasis and therefore the bad guys will take over. It really doesn’t have to be like this.

So what am I recommending:

  1. Listen to your intuition, your  gut feel – you don’t have to understand the science but to do have to take responsibility for handing over health to others, some examples include:
    1. the planet has created food for us – whether you believe in vegan  vegetarian or eat everything it is perfectly clear to a 2 year old what is food and what isn’t. If it doesn’t look like food it isn’t and you really do, in your heart, know this. Please don’t tell me that you think pasta and noodles and crisps and energy drinks are healthy because some marketing ‘told’ you so, try convincing yourself of this really.
    2. Take back responsibility – we all say we don’t have time to cook anymore but what are we filling that time with? Social media, TV, the pub, ??? What is important to YOU? Family time and nourishing our body should be and can be at the priority of everyone (I am taking here about the western world not starving people who don’t have a choice).
    3. Those that tell me they are working and don’t have time to cook for themselves and their animals – I call bullshit on that. Seriously I do. You make time for your holidays, watching TV, your riding lessons, your social media, your coffee breaks.
    1. No one is too busy for health. Period. We can all find the time when things go horribly wrong  and we need to do everything for hospital treatments, vet treatments, rehabs etc. – be honest with yourself and realise you are CHOOSING not to take time for yours and your animals health. Stop blaming others
  1. For those that outsource health – be it physical and emotional. Again just be aware that is your choice, and who are your outsourcing it to? Be it a child in boarding school, a horse in livery or a dog in daycare what checks have your done? How does our dog  / horse / child seem when come back. Don’t listen to those you are paying, of course they will say they love it – what are you SEEING and FEELING?

So to finish

Do you really believe that organic is too expensive? Have you actually checked? Have you shopped around and cut out those ‘treats’ that are silently killing you and your animals?

Do you want to pay for chemicals in your food that are poisoning you and your animals and pay for the consequences of this in vet / medical care  time off work / stress management or do you want to look at your lifestyle and make difference choices?


Do you want to blame your doctor / vet for ‘telling you’ – when did that become law? Let’s face it we are all selective with this information as it suits us! Admit that you are the decision maker and stop passing the buck. Your vet can make recommendations – you can choose whether to take them and suggest alternatives (as long as your animal is not deemed to be suffering as a result of your choices). By the way have you asked you vet how much nutrition training they get in their courses? Do they look a picture of health and the person you want to take health advice from? Ditto your GP. This is not being cruel, just truthful.